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A Note On Comments

Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to make Valence what I consider a huge success so far.  From those who are just reading along to those who dove into the discussion headfirst my gratitude goes out to you.  I know it takes valuable time and energy (both of which, it’s probably safe to say, we are all short on) to engage with these ideas.  Thanks for investing in a conversation that I personally find fascinating and rewarding but which can be obscure and daunting at times.

For all of you standing on the edge of the diving board looking into a comments section that may look too murky for your taste, I’d like to say I share some of your apprehensions in joining the conversation.  Many of you have shared with me that it can be overwhelming to follow all of the trails the comments section goes down and still have something relevant to say. The nature of the topics being discussed isn’t always concise so I’m not sure there’s a whole lot we can do to fix this issue.  However, I would like to offer a few thoughts to help alleviate the apprehension some have expressed in joining the conversation:

  1. Let’s effort to keep our comments concise.  Being new to blogging, I’ve personally got a lot to learn here and will try to do the same with the posts.  Please note: I’m not asking us to be artificially brief. If an idea you have takes a bit longer to share please don’t cut the idea short, but if you can share it in 3 words instead of 10 try for the 3 method.
  2. Let’s make sure the comments are well labeled and try to break up the comment into well defined paragraphs of a couple sentences at most with a space between paragraphs.  This is just easier to read.  I’ve seen a lot of very insightful ideas buried in long paragraphs that are likely to get lost or passed over.
  3. Lastly (and this is the sensitive one) let’s try to stay on topic.  Again the very nature of the discussion we are having is rife with opportunity for rabbit trails.  While the new directions and thoughts everyone brings to the table are often enlightening they can also diverge into everyone talking at each other instead of with each other.

I truly believe that the value of our conversation is directly proportional to the diversity of opinions represented. That means that your voice counts.  So please, jump in, the water is fine.

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