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Why Valence?


Valence is an old term used in chemistry which refers to the likelihood of any particular element or molecule to bond with other elements and/or molecules to form compounds. Without delving too much into the science, a low valence number would mean that an element would be looking to pick up electrons to complete its outer shell. This need for more electrons makes it more likely to react with other elements by sharing or trading electrons.

I’ve stretched the concept a bit in naming this blog. It occurred to me that as we share ideas and discuss topics in life that each of us unknowingly assumes our own valence number. Our own tendency to bond with one another. That is, we each have a unique a capacity to either attract or repel from one another depending on our willingness to accept or reject someone else’s ideas. In some sense it’s this personal valence that helps define our communities. My hope for this blog is that it would be a unique space to trade ideas and explore the opportunities to exercise our valence, hopefully strengthening the bonds that are already here and reacting with each other to form new connections.

Well, that, and I thought the word sounded cool.

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